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Acid Reflux Bed
Acid Reflux Bed

Acid Reflux Bed

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We are very sorry but this product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Our supplier is either out of stock long term, it has been discontinued, or it is not available to us.

Acid Reflux Bed

Our acid reflux bed can raise up to 8 degrees which can be one of several ways to help combat this disease. (Consult your doctor, he knows best!) Our picture of this bed shows a complete bed including mattress. However, the mattress is not included. The box spring looking device under the mattress is included. So to complete this bed, you just need a mattress, NO box spring. You can use your own mattress if you wish.

This Acid Reflux Bed may help in the treatment of Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), more commonly known as Acid Reflux. This product, according to the manufacturer) greatly reduces Acid Reflux by allowing the body to remain straight, while elevating the upper body up to 8 degrees. Keeping the body straight relieves pressure on the abdomen and stomach. Raising the head to this angle helps keep the food down in the stomach, reducing the chance of it and acid from moving up into the Esophagus. We are confident that our Acid Reflux bed will provide relief to individuals suffering from the growing problem of Acid Reflux.

IMPORTANT This bed does not include the mattress. It DOES include the box spring looking foundation on the bed but you will supply the mattress. You can use your present mattress on this bed if it is the same standard size or purchase the optional mattress.

Four bed sizes are available. Twin XL (39" x 80"), Full XL (54" x 80"), Queen (60" x 80"), and Dual King which is 2 times 39" x 80").

OPTIONAL Please consider adding our Back Pain Mattress, the perfect mattress to fit your Acid Reflux Bed Frame. Our Back Pain Mattress is the only mattress endorsed and recommended by the OSCA, the Ohio State Chiropractic Association. Our Back Pain Mattress is a two sided mattress so you can flip the mattress over to rest the opposite side for longer mattress life and personal comfort. The Back Pain Mattress is a 600 coil count extra firm feeling mattress with plenty of firm padding and a quality damask cover.

SHIPPING: Shipping costs $99 to most places in the 48 states USA. This will arrive as a curb only drop which means that you will need two strong people to take it off of the truck and bring it indoors. Our shipper calls and makes an appointment with you.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician, we make no medical claims.

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