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Waterbed Chemicals

 Products (Total Items: 6)
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner Tablets
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner Tablets
Compare at: $14.99
Our Best Price: $11.79 On Sale
Aqua Fusion Vinyl Protectant
Aqua Fusion Vinyl Protectant
Compare at: $16.99
Our Best Price: $10.99 On Sale
Aqua Fusion Bubble Reducer
Aqua Fusion Bubble Reducer
Compare at: $14.99
Our Best Price: $9.39 On Sale
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner
Compare at: $9.99
Our Best Price: $6.49 On Sale
Shock Treatment Waterbed Conditioner
Shock Treatment Waterbed Conditioner
Compare at: $25.00
Our Best Price: $22.95 On Sale
Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner By Blue Magic 4 Fluid Ounce For 6 Months
Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner By Blue Magic 4 Fluid Ounce For 6 Months
Compare at: $9.99
Our Best Price: $6.49 On Sale
Waterbed Chemicals and Waterbed Conditioner

Why should I put waterbed conditioner or waterbed chemicals in my waterbed? How often should I do this? Have you ever wondered why waterbed manufacturers want you to add a high quality waterbed conditioner to your waterbed? Good quality waterbed conditioner has several purposes. First and foremost, a good waterbed conditioner will change the PH of your water to make in unfriendly to bacteria and other living organisms. Ideally, your water mattress is blue or some other color to stop light from getting into the mattress. A water mattress should always have a mattress pad and blanets on it to protect it from puncture and also light. If algae started to grow in a mattress, when the light was finally cut off from it, the algae would decay and cause an awful smell. Waterbed conditioner should help stop algae from growing inside the bed but there are literally thousands of types of algae, some more hardu than others so keep the light off the mattress and the waterbed conditioner in.

Another job that the waterbed chemicals do is to add some plasticizers back to your vinyl mattress and help inhibit the loss of these plasticizers. Without these plasicizers, your mattress would become brittle over time and crack and leak. Vinyl plasicizers are what keeps your mattress pliable and giving.

Lastly, a good waterbed chemical conditioner will help keep the gasses in the water in solution. In other words, it will help stop those annoying air bubbles that slosh and gurgle when you roll over at night.

Tube type waterbed mattresses loke the Somma brand generally take the Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner Tablets every six months. This conditioner comes in a tablet form to make it easier to parcel out the correct amount of waterbed treatment per tube. It has the same effect as the liquid chemical treatment.

Good waterbed chemical conditioner practices are also important. Some stores will offer a double sized 8 fluid ounce bottle of conditioner that they say will last for a whole year. While this might be convenient, really a 4 fluid ounce bottle every six months is more effective. Always use a good brand of waterbed conditioner, like the Aqua Fusion that we sell above. Another trick to the trade is to carefully release any air bubbles that have built up inside the mattress every time you add waterbed conditioner. This will help keep noise levels down but more important, it will lessen the chance of microscopic life inside your mattress.

Another excellent idea when you add conditioner every six months is to clean the vinyl surface of the watermattress. A good product to help with this is the Aqua Fusion Vinyl Protectant sold above. It not only cleans the vinyl waterbed surface but it adds supple plasticizers to it which will help extend the life of the mattress. This would also be a prime opportunity to wash your mattress pad. Obviously, you should have been washing it regularly all along but sometimes we forget. One major enemy of your vinyl water mattreess is the oils present in the flakes of skin you shed by the millions every day.

This bring me to a gross story. As a water bed sales person and repairman, I once went to a house to check on a waterbed with excessive air bubbles. The people who owned the waterbed had it for several years and I was doing a courtesy call. What they really needed to do was to actually add conditioner every six months and burp the waterbed mattress occasionally. So any way, I go into this relatively nice house and visit the waterbed. The blankets, sheets and mattress pad are still on the mattress. I peel back the bedding and it looks like it snowed underneath. There was some much dead skin that I could have easily filled coffee cups with it. Yikes! You have to keep the watermattress cleaner then that!

Another good plan might be to add the Aqua Fusion bubble reducer that we sell above. Some water will naturally release more gas than others because of the nature and treatment of the original water from your source. While our water bed chemical has a bubbble reducer, if you are getting a lot of gas inside your mattress you may want to consider the bubble reducer sold above for extra power.

If you take care of your waterbed mattres properly, it will last a long time and afford you great nights of sleep!