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3/4 Size 1.5" Thick Polar Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Our Best Price: $239.00
Part Number:HDI16106-3/4
3/4 Size 1.5" Thick Polar Memory Foam Mattress Topper

3/4 Size is generally considered approximately 48 inches by 75 inches.

Our new Polar Memory Foam 1.5 inch thick slab will add the extreme comfort and cushioning of memory foam along with the special breathability features that no other memory foam can offer. Memory foam is the NASA designed extreme cushion foam which is temperature sensitive and was designed to comfort our astronauts in space. Warmth allows this very special and expensive foam to give some and cushion weary bones and pressure points. Adding this to the top of your mattress will help make a cranky old mattress like new, only better. You can also easily move this polar memory foam topper from mattress to mattress.

Our polar memory foam takes this advanced product to another level. Memory foam can be hot in the spring and summer. Our new polar memory foam uses a new Cooler Foam Technology! It offers Maximized Air-Flow Construction that means Cooler Comfort In All Environments!

Our polar memory foam slab generally comes in a light green color. The polar memory foam slab does not have elastic bands or some other scheme to keep it in place. Gravity and the fitted sheet does the job. To help you save shipping expense, we scrunch these slabs up and try to make them take as small a space in the box as possible. Shipping costs go by volume and weight so a smaller box saves you money. When you receive your polar memory slab of foam, take it out of the box and let it gain back it's shape over several hours. Our polar memory slabs of foam, being sealed up tight,sometimes causes the scent of these products to concentrate to a disagreeable level. A few hours of airing usually removes the odor, several days is best.

95% of our orders ship within 10 business days. Please allow up to a week for transit depending on your location.

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