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California King Silk Filled Comforter
California King Silk Filled Comforter

California King Silk Filled Comforter

Our Best Price: $289.00
Part Number:WLS26037

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Add A California King White Silk Comforter Cover (duvet)
Add A California King White Silk Comforter Cover (duvet) [+$299.00]
Add A Silk Filled Pillow About 2 to 3 Inches Thick, Cotton Casing
Add A Pair Of Silk Pillowcases
Add A California King Set Of Luxury White Cotton 300 Thread Count Sheets For Up to 15" Thick Mattress
Add A Quilted Mattress Pad
Add A Quilted Mattress Pad For Mattress Up To 15" Thick [+$69.00]


California King Silk Filled Comforter


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White Loft Silk

California King Silk Filled Comforter

California King Silk Filled Comforter

The ultimate luxury is silk bedding. The ultimate fabric is silk. Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate. Silk is not only luxurious but it is healthy on so many levels. Silk will help you sleep better. Silk will help regulate temperature AND humidity in all four seasons. Silk is Hypoallergenic. Silk is inhospitable to dust mites, it is perfect for those with allergy concerns or sinys problems.

Our Silk Comforter Facts

  • 95% of our orders ship within 5 business days plus transit time.
  • SIZE: California King: 96" x 110"
  • Approximately 1" thick when fluffed.
  • The comforter cover is 233 thread count quality white cotton.
  • Silk is naturally HYPOALLERGENIC
  • An optional white silk comforter cover (or duvet) is available
  • Our silk comforters are thread tacked to maintain shape.

Our silk comforters are filled with 100% virgin silk fiber batting, and have a soft, breathable 233 single thread count cotton case. Dress Up Your Bedroom and lite up your dreams! Our silk comforters give a clean and defined drape with a generous overhang on the bed. They are designed to fit inside our OPTIONAL comforter duvet covers, (also called duvet covers), if you wish. The comforter cover (or duvet) is secured with a cotton loop and tie system.

A few more words about our silk filled comforters. Our comforters are filled with 100% virgin mulberry silk fiber batting. The mulberry silk is hand stretched and layered into a stable quilt sized mass of billowy, resilient batting that doesn't bunch or shift.

Please enjoy our silk filled comforter during all four seasons. Silk fibers are both insulating and breathable, allowing our comforters to accommodate different body temperatures in the same bed.

Why Choose A Silk Comforter?

  • Silk breathes much better than down and naturally adjusts to individual body temperatures.
  • Each silk filled comforter is composed of thousands of silk cocoons, each cocoon is carefully stretched by hand to become a part of the comforter.
  • Silk's unique thermal properties allowed us to develop one single weight that works for everyone, especially in central heated homes of today.
  • Silk comforters drape beautifully and lavishly, contouring to your body and leaving no cold spots.
  • Silk is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, the perfect alternative to down or wool.
  • Silk fibers have a longer life expectancy than other comforter fills.
  • Silk is the world's lightest and strongest natural fiber; layered silk fill is remarkably stable and the layers resist bunching or migrating.
  • Silk has been loved and prized for thousands of years.
  • Silk resists mildews, and molds.
  • Silk feels awesome and comes with many health benefits.

To complete your bed, we offer an optional silk comforter cover (or duvet), an optional quilted mattress pad, optional silk pillowcases, optional silk filled pillows and optional 300 thread count luxury cotton sheets.

Optional Silk Filled Pillows

A word should be spoken about our optional silk filled pillows. They are only two to three inches thick and they tend to be firm. They are filled with virgin mulberry silk and have an outer shell of 300 thread count cotton fabric. I personally use this product and love it. If you think that this pillow may not have enough height, consider ordering two and stack them.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the above products are personal, we can not re-sell returns. There will be a 50% return re-stock charge and a thirty day maximum time period for any returns.

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