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33 inches x 33 inches - Only One Left
33 inches x 33 inches - Only One Left

Closeout - Authentic Calfhide Rug

Our Best Price: $99.99
Part Number:INSS017

Authentic Calfhide Rug

Genuine cowhide area rug or wall hanging. This is a UNIQUE NATURE PRODUCT, not something cut out of a pattern in a factory. ALSO, we call this a cowhide rug but keep in mind that it has NO backing or edge sewing, it it a hide only. It can be used as an area rug, a throw (a little stiff for that) or a wall hanging. ALSO being a natural cowhide, it may not lay totally flat at once. It will probably need time to relax out totally and lose its folds.

Size: Actual size approximately 33 inches x 33 inches.

Sustainability: This cowhide rug is produced from a cowhide which is left over from a cow that was harvested for its meat, etc. Nothing gets wasted.

Shipping: In Stock! Ready to ship!

Genuine cowhide rugs make wonderful decor statements. Our cowhides come from a professional tannery in Brazil.

  • Used as a cowhide rug, our cow hide will give years of beauty and durability.
  • Each cowhide is unique and hand selected for quality.
  • The cowhide includes the cow hair.
  • Colors may vary from rug to rug.
  • There will be little to no shedding.
  • They have a clean sheen and suppleness.
  • They are nearly odorless.
  • Only the best tanning process is used.
  • The cowhide rug requires minimal care.

Cowhide Rug Care Instructions

  • Vacuum your cowhide rug lightly with NO beater brush.
  • OR, shake out your cowhide rug outdoors to remove dust.
  • The hides natural oils will help resist staining.
  • Wipe up any spills promptly.
  • Stains may be cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a soft brush. Simply brush lightly with the grain of the hair.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Rotate the cowhide rug every month or so if used in a traffic area.

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