Jackson®Pennington Pewter 443903 Sofa or 443902 Love Seat Replacement Cushion Cover

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Part Number:4439_Pewter

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Jackson® brand replacement cushion cover for Pennington Pewter 443903 Sofa or 443902 Love Seat or 443901 Chair .

It is easy to find your Jackson® Id or serial number and/or style and cover numbers. Simply face your sofa and pick up the far right cushion. The serial number should be at the top of the the large sticker on the seat deck under the cushion. The id number and style and cover numbers should be on the smaller sticker on the seat deck under the cushion. The first number of the style number just refers to the factory that it was manufactured in, so we only need the last 6 numbers of the style number. For example if your style number is 5443903 we just go by the 443903. Call us with these numbers for help, or compare it to the numbers at the top of this description.

If you order the replacement cushion along with the cover, The cushion will feature individually wrapped pocketed coils topped with gel infused memory foam for long lasting durability.

We sell these cushion covers one at a time. Order one or more. This is a genuine Jackson® replacement part.

We are NOT an Jackson® warranty service so if you have a warranty issue, contact your retailer. We can NOT help you with your warranty, period, sorry, no exceptions.

SHIP TIME: Cushions and covers are sometimes in stock and if so we can ship fast. If they are not in stock it usually takes 2-3 weeks for production and a few days for shipping. Call us if you need cover(s) and or cushion(s) right away.

COLOR MATCH: Your new cover from us may not match your sofa perfectly, even though it is a genuine Jackson® replacement part. Why? Your sofa has probably faded a bit since you bought it, plus each dye lot of cushion covers can vary a bit. Nothing we can do about it.

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