Motorhome Replacement Mattress For A Bottom Left Hand Cut Corner
Motorhome Replacement Mattress For A Bottom Left Hand Cut Corner

Motorhome Mattress For A Bottom Left Hand Cut Corner

Our Best Price: $339.00
Part Number:SDI22152

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Upgrade to 7" thick
Upgrade from 5 inches to 7 inches thick (+$89.00)
Memory Foam Upgrade
TRADE 2 inches of the polyurethane foam for 2 inches of memory foam on one side of your mattress. (+$299.00)
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Motorhome Replacement Mattress For A Bottom Left Hand Cut Corner

SIZE: Various choices on sizes.

CUT CORNER We can cut the corner off of your mattress. To have the corner cut off in the dimensions you need, please measure accurately. Your mattress will be completely finished and professionally sewn with the corner missing. Please order from the correct picture of the corner that you need to be cut.

This Motorhome Replacement Mattress For A Bottom Left Hand Cut Corner is offered in two thicknesses, 5 inches and 7 inches as shown in the illustration. The listed price is for the 5 inch mattress and you can upgrade for extra money to a 7 inch. Obviously a 7 inch mattress will afford more comfort. Also, people weighing 285 pounds or more may bottom out in our 5 inch mattress so a 7 inch upgrade for them would be wise. We also offer 2 inches of memory foam to be added to either our 5 inch mattress or our 7 inch thick mattress. The addition of memory foam does not add to the mattress thickness, it replaces 2 inches of the polyurethane foam. The memory foam adds considerable comfort to the standard mattress as our standard polyurethane foam can feel fairly firm.

Mattress Construction: This mattress is built from a 100% polyurethane foam core and topped with a quilted layer of foam and fiber fill on both sides to add comfort. It resists normal wear and avoids premature breakdown. A 2 inch memory foam upgrade is available for one side of the mattress. So if you would like a 7 inch thick mattress with memory foam, you must choose the thickness upgrade option and the memory foam option as well. This would make it a 5 inch polyurethane base topped with a 2 inch layer of memory foam on one side for a total of 7 inches. Our mattresses are flame retardant as required by law.

Mattress Fabric Covers and Colors: Our mattresses come with a choice of three hard working fabrics. Our light blue damask fabric is a very durable, sturdy Teflon coated fabric which is almost stiff to the touch. Our Navy color mattress has a waterproof nylon cover which is not quilted. The waterproof cover deducts about 1 inch from the thickness of the mattress as we are not able to add the quilted portion and have it remain waterproof. The waterproof cover makes the mattress firmer. Waterproof means water resistant, water can eventually find its way through anything so this mattress is NOT a pool float. Lastly, we have our cream color cotton damask fabric. The cotton fabric has a softer feel and adds to the comfort of the mattress, especially if you choose the memory foam upgrade. The blue and cream covers do not influence mattress price, but the waterproof fabric will add to the cost.

Mattress Comfort: We designed our mattress to cradle your body and its natural contours, such as hips and shoulders in a unique way, allowing for gentle support without compromising firmness or comfort. In addition, the open cell structure of the foam permits air to circulate throughout the mattress providing a cooler sleep in the summer as well as a warmer rest in the winter.

Shipping: This mattress is custom built for you. 95% of these ship in 5-10 business days. Please allow a few days for transit time depending on your location. Shipping charges are very reasonable to almost anywhere in the continental USA. Please add the item to your shopping cart and enter your zip code for a shipping quote. Our secret? We have a special way of folding the mattress and then we suck every bit of air out of it with a special mattress vacuum sealer. You can save a hundred dollars or so compared to a freight delivery because the mattress comes to you in an easy to manage ground delivery package. When you open the box, look out! The mattress starts to regain the original shape almost immediately. It takes usually takes 24-36 hours to regain shape and size, and will continue to micro gain for the next week or so.

Box spring? Sorry, a box spring is not available for this product. It is a mattress only.

Made in the USA

RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that our mattresses are all custom sewn for you when you order. We do this so we can offer hundreds of custom sizes and combination's. Because our mattresses are custom made for your order, please order carefully. Cancellation of an order is generally impossible as we start sewing ASAP. We can only accept returns within 30 days of order, a 50% re-stock fee will apply and the mattress must be in new condition and in original packaging. Any items that have been used are not returnable. Please note that you are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

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