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Natural Black and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug
Natural Black and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug

Natural Black and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug

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Natural Brown and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug


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Saddlemans of Santa Fe

Natural Black and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug

Natural Black and White Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug

Genuine cowhide area rug or wall hanging. The first price shown is for the Medium size rug use the drop down menu to select other sizes. Every cowhide is unique so expect color variations and definitely PATTERNS to VARY. The photo shown is only an approximate sample of what you will receive. The shape of the rug shown can also vary some as this is a UNIQUE NATURE PRODUCT, not something cut out of a pattern in a factory. ALSO, we call this a cowhide rug but keep in mind that it has NO backing or edge sewing, it is a hide only. It can be used as an area rug, a throw (a little stiff for that) or a wall hanging. ALSO being a natural cowhide, it may not lay totally flat at once. It will probably need time to relax out totally and lose its folds.

SIZES Available:

  • Medium Size Cow Hide Rug: 28-35 Sq. Ft. or 6' x 6'
  • Large Size Cow Hide Rug: 36-42 Sq. Ft. or 6 1/2' x 7'
  • X Large Size Cow Hide Rug: 43-47 Sq. Ft. or 6 1/2' x 7 1/2'

SHIPPING: 95% of orders for our cowhide rugs ship within ten business days plus transit time.

Sustainability This cowhide rug is produced from a cowhide which is left over from a cow that was harvested for its meat, etc. Nothing gets wasted.

Genuine cowhide rugs make wonderful decor statements. Our cowhides come from a professional tannery in Brazil.

  • Used as a cowhide rug, our cow hide will give years of beauty and durability.
  • Each cowhide is unique and hand selected for quality.
  • The cowhide includes the cow hair.
  • Colors may vary from rug to rug.
  • There will be little to no shedding.
  • They have a clean sheen and suppleness.
  • They are nearly odorless.
  • Only the best tanning process is used.
  • The cowhide rug requires minimal care.

Cowhide Rug Care Instructions

  • Vacuum your cowhide rug lightly with NO beater brush.
  • OR, shake out your cowhide rug outdoors to remove dust.
  • The hides natural oils will help resist staining.
  • Wipe up any spills promptly.
  • Stains may be cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a soft brush. Simply brush lightly with the grain of the hair.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Rotate the cowhide rug every month or so if used in a traffic area.

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