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Olympic Queen Mattress And Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® Grand
Olympic Queen Mattress And Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® Grand

Olympic Queen Mattress And Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® Grand

Our Best Price: $1,379.00
Part Number:ABE24247

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Add A Bunkie Board
Bunkie Board For In Between The Mattress And Box Foundation [+$199.00]
Upgrade to 33" x 80" Split Foundations (2 pcs.) [+$100.00]


Olympic Queen Mattress And Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® Grand


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Olympic Queen Mattress and Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® GRAND

Olympic Queen Mattress and Box Foundation Set Abe Feller® GRAND

SHIPPING SPECIAL, around $119 shipping, curb side delivery,to most locations in the continental USA!

The Olympic Queen mattress is an obsolete mattress size, 66" wide by 80" long. The normal Queen size mattress is only 60" wide and 80" long. So, obviously, the length is the same but the Olympic Queen dimensions are six inches wider. Six inches may not seem like a lot to you, but Olympic Queen sleepers will tell you, size matters when it comes to mattresses, even six inches. The extra width is GREAT!

Please note that the foundation for this bed is an actual queen size. This means that the mattress will overlap the foundation on either side about 3". While this is not an ideal situation, it does still really work. You get a larger than Queen bed size and still get to use your Queen headboard and bed frame.

Up until now, if you owned the rare and mostly obsolete Olympic Queen mattress, getting a replacement was either impossible or a very expensive special order ordeal.

Use the check box menu to add the bunkie board topper for in between the mattress and box foundation for an extra $199. Most people already have this and may not need to replace it. The bunkie board topper adds support along the edge of the mattress.

ABE FELLER® To The Rescue! We have decided to bring back the Olympic Queen Size and call it the Expanded Queen Size Mattress!

Please note that we sell Olympic Queen or Expanded Queen (same Size) sheets, comforters, mattress pads, metal frames and feather pillow toppers.

Bench crafted with quality materials by hard working Americans in a small family owned factory the old fashioned way.

Our GRAND mattress is an excellent pillow-top/firm model. Designed around a 14.5-gauge coil lura-flex spring set that offers twice as many individually wrapped coils compared to our GOOD, BETTER, and BEST models. Beginning with molded spring protection on both sides of the coils, a cotton pad, and a layer of bonded cotton follow. The needle-punched cotton pad lies under a .5-inch layer of comfort foam, which is topped with a .375-inch layer of heavy density foam. Next the pillow-top is created from a layer of quilted cotton and a 1-inch layer of comfort foam topped with a .75-inch layer of heavy density super soft comfort foam. Finally the fine damask cover is quilted to create an excellent pillow-top/firm mattress. This mattress is paired with a matching box foundation to complete the set.

This GRAND mattress incorporates our amazing plush pillow-top on one side and firmer mattress non pillow-top on the other side. Want a different feel? Just flip the mattress. An idea whose time has come, especially when you consider the poor value that a one sided "no flip" mattress offers.

Our GRAND model sold here offers low price with plush pillow-top but supportive feel and a firmer feel with tighter quilting on the other side.

The outer fabric is a long wearing high quality damask. The high quality padding and cushioning of the mattress are described in the cutaway section available in additional images for this product.

This Mattress and/or Mattress Set meets or exceeds the flammability standard FF4-72.

Olympic Queen Size measuring approximately 66 inches x 80 inches

Coil count is approximately 768 Coils.

Click for Mattress Size Chart

Bedding Depth: Mattress Only: 11 inches

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

WARRANTY AND RETURNS: This mattress or mattress set is custom made so it is not returnable for any reason. Orders cannot be canceled or changed once production has begun. Our mattress and/or Mattress and Foundation set will last for years. It is built from top quality componets and does not rely upon soft and cheap padding that can imprint and indent over a short period of time. However, we do not warranty our bed because we ship it all over the country and it is cost prohibitive to do a return. With proper metal frame support and proper foundation support (if you buy a set you get an excellent foundation) the mattress will last for years.

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