RV Bed Size Foam Slab Mattress Topper For Larger RV Beds
RV Bed Size Foam Slab Mattress Topper For Larger RV Beds

RV Bed Size Foam Slab Mattress Topper For Larger RV Beds

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RV Bed Size Foam Slab Mattress Topper


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American Down and Feather
RV Bed Size Foam Slab Mattress Topper For Larger RV Beds

Available in three different levels of thickness. Please select a thickness in the drop down menu above.

Please select RV bed size from the drop down menu above.

The difference between our slab of slab of foam and convoluted foam that you see for sale is air. Convoluted foam was invented partially to save foam and sell air. A 2 inch piece of convoluted foam may actually really be 1 inch of foam. Our foam slabs are foam, not fancy air.

Sometimes a mattress needs a slab of foam to either make it more comfortable or to extend the life of the mattress. Many times, a mattress can be an odd size which will make the mattress expensive or difficult to find or both. We have slabs of foam, custom cut to your size mattress. Our foam is high quality, medium density (2.25), which will help give your mattress a medium firm feel. It is also fire resistant, and top upholstery grade. This is the same foam that you might find inside your higher end sofa and mattress. This is NOT visco foam that sinks to your impression, weight and heat. This foam is firmer, with much less compression. The color of our foam is generally white but it sometimes comes in a slightly different shade such as light pink. The color is not in our control. The foam slab goes on top of your mattress, then your mattress pad (or the opposite) and your fitted sheet goes over the combination. There you go, a bed almost like new!

The foam slab does not have elastic bands or some other scheme to keep it in place. Gravity and the fitted sheet does the job. Another feature worth mentioning is this quality foam comes in buns 24" wide so our manufacturer welds the 24" strips together. You can see where the welds are but you can't feel them. The welds are extremely strong. Lastly, to save shipping expense, we scrunch these slabs up and try to make them take as small a space in the box as possible. Shipping costs go by volume and weight so a smaller box saves you money. When you receive your slab of foam, take it out of the box and let it gain back it's shape over several hours. Thanks!

Our slabs of foam, being sealed up tight,sometimes causes the scent of these products to concentrate to a disagreeable level. A few hours of airing usually removes the odor, several days is best.

Please allow up to 14 business days for shipping.


RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that our sheets, comforters and mattress pads, etc. are all custom sewn for you when you order. We do this so we can offer many colors and custom sizes, thousands of combination's, in fact! Because our bedding is custom for your order, please order carefully. Cancellation of an order is generally impossible as we start sewing ASAP. We can only accept returns within 30 days of order, a 50% re-stock fee will apply, and the bedding must be un-opened and in original packaging. Bedding that has been used or washed is not returnable. Please note that you are responsible for all shipping costs.

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