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Round Bed Alternative Mattress Topper 60 inches Round
Round Bed Alternative Mattress Topper. This Topper is Completely Round (Not like shown)

Round Bed Alternative Mattress Topper 60 inches Round

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Round Bed Alternative Mattress Topper 60 inches Round


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American Down and Feather

Round Bed Alternative Mattress Topper 60 inches Round

Finally a Round Bed Mattress Topper! The image shown is a traditional topper the topper you are ordering will be completely Round.

What is a mattress topper? A mattress topper is a layer designed to lie atop an existing mattress. Their function is to provide a layer of comfort.

We have a down alternative mattress topper that will knock your socks off with benefits! Our down alternative is made from specialty poly silk fiber that mimics down and silk in softness and insulating qualities. We take this fiber and sew it into a top quality white 230 thread count 100% cotton cover. The box baffles are spaced between 12 inches and 15 inches square, depending upon the size of the down mattress topper that we are sewing. These baffles help hold the down alternative in place.

Our Down Alternative Mattress Topper is approximately 5 inches thick when fluffed up. Some of this thickness is due to air. The topper filling is designed to be light and fluffy, not solid like a foam topper.

Benefits of our Down Alternative Mattress Topper

  • Down Alternative has a much lower price than down and feathers.
  • Down Alternative is softer than down or feathers.
  • Down Alternative is WAY MORE Hypoallergenic than down or feathers.
  • Down Alternative has a much longer life span than down or feathers.
  • Down Alternative keeps loft much better than down or feathers.
  • We custom sew this for you. 95% of our orders ship within 10 days plus transit time.

Feather beds and Down Alternative Mattress Toppers are designed to just lay on top of a mattress. There are no straps or attachments. Gravity does the work. When I asked a fine older sales lady who has been sewing feather beds all of her life, "how does the feather bed stay where it is supposed to stay?" she said, "it just does." Words of wisdom.

Upon receipt of your Round Down Alternative Mattress Topper, it will be squashed a bit to save you shipping charges, so it will need to be fluffed up.


  • Deep Pocket 300 Thread Count Luxury Cotton Luxury Sheet Set
  • Matching Comforter
  • Deep Pocket Waterproof Mattress Pad To Protect Your Mattress Topper

95% of our orders ship within 10-15 business days plus a few days for transit time.

RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY:Please note that we CUSTOM sew this for you, so please measure and order carefully. This is a personal care item so we cannot re-sell a return. Cancellation of an order is generally impossible as we start sewing ASAP. We can only accept returns within 30 days of order, a 50% re-stock fee will apply.

Made In The USA

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